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Grain Systems is the division of the GSI Group that meets the needs of the global agricultural industry, such as modern storage, drying and transport systems.

GSI Group, with the management and production centers equipped with the latest equipment of our age in Assumption city of the United States, Illinoi state; It also increases its production diversity day by day with its sales offices and representatives throughout the world and strengthens its superior position in the sector. Grain Systems is the first initiative of the group; is a global leader in global storage, grain storage tanks / silos and accessories, ventilation systems and dryers and handling systems. With our sales and engineering departments that have extensive knowledge of grain storage, Grain Systems is the most reliable solution for your grain storage needs. Grain Systems also has a wide variety of products for grain drying and ventilation. Grain Systems provides you the latest technological equipment in the field of storage systems, drying systems and transport systems at the most affordable price. Our engineering and service departments use their accumulation of interest in the most efficient way to get maximum efficiency from the equipment you need or use.

Our distributors and sales representatives spread over 6 continents are working to respond to your needs instantly. Our products in the United States and Canada, with an extensive dealer network; In other places, it reaches you through representative offices. International projects are realized by GSI through representative offices.

The GSI sales and engineering department has successfully completed many projects from a silo to complete facilities. With the support of advanced product development and production techniques, our personnel who have determined the special needs of various nations and have gained experience in this field, wish to offer you a unique service and quality.

You can examine some of the products in our product catalog.


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