Makswell Innovation

The quality of bread, which is the main food source of our country and directly affects human health, is significantly affected by the flour quality in which it is produced. Therefore, the selection of suitable wheat, quality analysis and determination of ideal aggregate ratios should be done carefully in the R&D laboratories before flour production. Every stage in purchasing raw materials, flour production and reaching the end user should be monitored in the Quality control laboratory and secured.

Makswell Makine Gıda Medikal Ltd Şti started its activities as a solution partner of grain laboratories, primarily Wheat and Flour. In this field, after determining all kinds of products and services required by quality control laboratories in collaboration with laboratories, it tries to provide the highest quality service under the most economical conditions. Makswell company, which adopts the principle of respect for its work, meticulousness in work, high quality and low cost work, and gains customer satisfaction, produces solutions for the demands of the companies with its expert staff in this field.



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