FPI SupNIR 2700 Series

Next Generation NIR Analyzer

Quick and easy analysis of flour, grain, feed and oilseed


Analyze in Just 10 Seconds ...

Industries: Grain, Oilseed Processing, Flow Milling, Starch Production, Sugar Production, Ethanol Production, Raw Material of Feed, Feed Final Products
Parameters: Moisture, Protein, Fat/Oil, Ash, Fiber, Starch, Amino Acid, Sugar, Dry Matter and more...

Features and Benefits

  • Fast:10-second Analysis of All Type of Samples
  • High Performance: High Accuracy, Repeatability, Stability and Reliability
  • Easy to Implement, Operate and Maintain
  • Modern Technology and a wide range of Available Calibrations Free of Charge
  • User-Friendly Software with Multiple Statistics Analysis

Easy operation with user-friendly software

Versatile results display with warning and action displays for outlier and product limits. Easy and reliable software operation stable analysis results.

User can develop their own calibrations with total autonomy under the guidance of engineer. Online data analysis and multiple statistics.

Hassle-Free maintenance

The SupNIR 2700 analyzer are designed to be easily maintained by the customer, thereby, decreasing down time and maintenance costs.

The lamp has expected >5,000 hours life and can be easily monitored in the program and by the user.

The instrument itself is designed for long life and reliability with quality components and no fans, lasers, desiccators or cooling system to fail.

The SupNIR is designed for easy setup and configuration.

Upon delivery, a factory trained product specialist will perform diagnosis to verify instrument performance and then install calibrations and set up products according to customer requirements.

As part of the installation, the FPI products specialist will train the operator and managers in all aspects of routine operation, configuration, diagnostics and data management.


FPI SupNIR 2700

Next Generation NIR Analyzer


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