ABP from 1985 to the present;

It represents world-leading brands and is the leading company for the technology needs of the Grain, Flour, Food, Feed industry.

Portable Grain Protein Meter

Manage your product based on the real data

You can measure protein, wet gluten, moisture, fat and carbohydrates whenever and wherever you need and follow the results easily with the mobile phone application.

Contador 2
New Generation Seed Counter

Increase efficiency in your counting processes

New generation seed counting device developed after practical experiences from Contador.

Flour Quality Control Device

The most advanced technology to analyze the visco-elastic properties of wheat flour has been renewed within international standards!

Storage controls are suitable for bakers and millers.

Pellet Mill
Sample Preparation Mill

Sample grinder suitable for laboratory use. Thinner, granulator and shredder

It serves to thin feed pellets / cakes to divide a representative sample suitable for analysis. Suitable for use for NIR analysis.

Riffel Divider
Corrugated Sample Dividers

Corrugated type divider Riffel, dust-free design, static-free, stainless steel.

4 different models from 3 to 18 liters, 3 different hinged containers, 3 different number and size grooves


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