Neogen Co.

NEOGEN's solutions can be found at every step of the food chain

NEOGEN provides the most comprehensive solutions and services for the food processing, animal protein and agriculture industries that not only protect the world's food supply, but also enable all stakeholders to produce more efficiently and effectively than before.

It also provides services in the life sciences and toxicology as well as in the livestock and performance animal industries.

Detection of dangerous mycotoxins in cereals, dried fruits, beverages, meat products, animal feeds, poultry farming and other processed foods, microbiological (especially Koliform, E. coli, Salmonella, total Aerobic Mesophilic Bacteria, Yeast and Mold) test kits and for dairy producers in its range of test products for the detection of chemical residues in various foods and plants, allergens and sanitation control.


Scientific innovations from Michigan State University needed a way to reach people who could use them to improve the Earth - problem-seeking solutions. The university reached NEOGEN's founders Ted Doan and James Herbert, and soon the company was born.

Lansing has expanded to new industries and new states, starting as a small team organizing meetings across the organization in a single corridor in Michigan and reaching overseas. The company's goal is to partner with its customers and to maximize the world's food and animal safety from production to table.

Neogen continues to provide solutions to a wide range of needs throughout the food supply chain. The business segment doesn't matter in terms of space or industry - it provides tools that customers use to make their products stronger and safer, grow their businesses and protect their brands. This is provided by teams operating in 12 countries worldwide and with more than 140 sales assets.

Neogen aims to partner with customers and to raise the world's food and animal safety, from farm to table.


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