DICKEY-john Co.

For over 50 years, Company DICKEY-john has specialized in the manufacture of electronic instruments and control devices for the grain industry. Founded in 1966 by Bob Dickey and Jack Littlejohn, the firm was looking for a method for planting seeds that farmers could easily use. Thus, the first seed planting system was developed for farmers.

After the release of this product, DICKEY-john company has become one of the world's leading electronic device manufacturers. Today, the company, which is located on 5 acres of land in the city of Illinois, has more than 350 employees. The name DICKEY-john has become the representative of quality, reliability and innovation with the devices it produces.

Dickey-john has further increased its market share with its new division called DjScientific. DjScientific introduced its first product called AV-250 in June 1997. The AV-250 is a portable viscometer and can make precise measurements simultaneously with its high technology.


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