Stable Micro Systems

Design, production and product support services of high quality texture analysis devices and weighing equipment are provided in the headquarters of Stable Micro Systems, which is located on an area of ​​600 m², 40 km south of London.

Our company carries the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Standard. Thus, we always offer you the guarantee of using high standards and approved products.

Our Engineering Department is constantly working to develop the Texture Analysis device and new accessories. In this department, probes and accessories are produced according to the needs of the users.

Our Software Department constantly develops the Texture Exponent 32 Software used in the Texture Analysis device and works to make it easy to use and efficient in order to identify it as user-friendly. They aim to create an infrastructure where the user can make the desired analyzes without the need for a second person.

Our food specialists work in our company's laboratory for after sales support. In our laboratory, new test methods are being researched and methods are developed to be compatible with the tests that are still being carried out on old and very expensive analysis devices that can be performed on a texture analyzer. In addition, researches are carried out in line with the special demands of the users of the Texture Analysis device and they are given the best support.

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