Established in 1985 by Kemal KANTAR, as ABP, for raw material and food producers; Kooperator of the fl; to commodity exchanges; surveillance and consultancy companies; to agricultural product licensed warehousing companies; flour, feed, oil and starch factories; We serve this entire supply chain for accurate, fast and accurate analyzes and classifications for companies producing hard seed and malt. To this supply chain that ends with the consumer; We assist all our stakeholders in this chain with fast, reliable, approved and approved analysis devices and methods, using advanced analyzes, for the purchase of the correct raw materials, their adaptation to the analysis, their classification according to their quality, their transportation and storage under appropriate conditions, and for various end product and additive purposes.

It is the representative of Chopin, DICKEY-john, Perten and Pfeuffer for grain, flour, food and feed quality control, Neogen for the detection of undesired chemical residues in food, Stable Micro Systems, manufacturer of texture analysis devices, and GSI companies for steel grain storage, transport and drying systems.

These companies are accepted as experts of their subjects in the world. The measurement results of the devices they produce are approved by international standards and these results are; mandatory during production, import and export.

Our aim; To lead the sector with the products of the companies we represent at home and abroad, to be a company that is always guided and consulted.

As the ABP family, we have been working with our sales engineers and management staff for more than 30 years to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and even higher quality service with the products and services we sell.

As a result, our cooperation with domestic and foreign companies engaged in the production and trade of pulses, cereals, flour, food and feed, state quality control laboratories, universities, commodity exchanges and private institutions engaged in grain trade and storage continues on the basis of quality and trust.

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