Hand-Held Grain Analyzer

You can measure protein, moisture, fat, carbohydrate anytime and anywhere you need and easily follow the results with your computer and mobile phone application.


Analyze in Just 5 Seconds ...

Measure the protein, moisture, fat and carbohydrate quality of cereals with GrainSense and start making safe decisions based on the actual data you are measuring.

The Grainsense moisture meter allows you to manage your farm, storage sheds and silos based on real grain data online using the farmer dashboard, which allows farmers to pinpoint exactly where each analysis was taken from.

When using the moisture metre on your grain in the field all data is immediately sent to the cloud – meaning you can access it wherever and whenever using the mobile dashboard. Only a small amount of grain is needed for a full analysis, minimising the impact on your crop.

This all allows you to have confidence in your analysis and know where and who to sell your product too, and at what price, saving you money.

Designed to help farmers make important, fast decisions at harvest time - “What order shall I harvest? Which field first?” resulting in the instrument being paid for in the first season!

GrainSense is a revolutionary hand-held grain moisture metre which provides direct and in field data on Grain protein. GrainSense provides the ability for measure grain protein, moisture and nitrogen levels in the first truly portable format.

Packaged in a robust and handheld format, the GrainSense moisture analyser provides real time results on grain nitrogen and moisture levels direct to you in the field - allowing you to manage your farm and crops based on direct data, saving you money and time.

The GrainSense moisture metre helps farmers to make complicated and cost-effective decisions with easily obtainable data - A laboratory in the hands of every farmer!

Farmers can now have the capability of fast on-farm segregation of high and low quality grains during harvest, and make confident, analysis driven decisions within seconds.

The GrainSense moisture metre gives you an instant number on:

  • Protein – lab level accuracy in the field
  • Nitrogen – lab level accuracy in the field
  • Moisture – Faster and better accuracy on a wider range
  • Oil – The number to know for oil seed farmers!

Scan in the field and results are sent to your mobile phone. Using the GrainSense app (available on iOS and android on yearly subscription) results can be seen, stored and exported in an excel format.

  • Sample Type:
    Wheat, barley, rye, oats, canola and more ...
  • Parameters:
    Protein, Wet Gluten, Moisture, Fat/Oil, Carbohydrate, Nitrogen and more ...
  • Measurement Time: 5 Seconds


  • Automatically updates settings and calibrations when connected to the app, saving service call outs and moisture clinic visits
  • Subscription to the app and cloud services is done annually.
  • GrainSense connects to mobile phone device via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Update to the cloud when connected to the internet (this can be done later on if no internet connection is found in the field)
  • Unlimited data storage on the cloud
  • Export data in an excel format


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